Frequently Asked Questions

  • Buying
    Winning an Auction

    You can check the You Won! section of your My Buying page to see if you won an auction.
    When you win an auction, we send you an email at the end of the auction which contains the seller's user name and email address along with your winning bid amount.

    Contacting the seller:

    From the time the auction closes, you have a maximum of five days to contact the seller. You can use the email address in the notification we sent you. Or, you can contact the seller online:
    1. Navigate My Account > Buying > Won Items
    2. Select the item you won.
    3. Select Contact Seller from the Seller Information located on the page.

    Making payment:

    Within the same five days, the seller sends you instructions on making payment. Sellers list their accepted payment methods in the listing.
    It is important to follow the seller's payment instructions carefully to avoid problems with the transaction.

  • General
    How to Create an Account

    Register for an account by clicking the register link found at the top of the Third Coast Guns website. Fill out the form to set up your profile and create an account.

    How to Change Your Password

    In your My Account section found at the top of the website. Select Settings > Password. Enter in the current password and then the new password you would like to use. After you submit the change you can then log in using your new password.

    How to Sign In to Your Account

    Click the Sign In link at the top of the website. Input your username and password and Sign In. You will then have access to your My Account section.

    What is Third Coast Guns' Terms of Service?

    Check out the Terms of Service

  • Transactions
    Getting Paid for Items You've Sold

    At Third Coast Guns we do not handle your transactions. You have the flexibility to handle any payment method you choose. It is up to the buyer and seller to work out payment terms and agreements.

    Resolving Unpaid Items with Buyers

    After you've made a sale on Third Coast Guns it should be a smooth transaction with the buyer. Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where the buyer has not paid for the items they bought or won. If you continue to have issue you can contact us so that we can revoke access to user.